a change of heart about animals -by jeremy rifkin

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Alejandra Rodriguez

August 26, 2011

Period 6


A Change of Heart about Animals

In “A Change of Heart about Animals” the author Jeremy Rifkin gives you one of many perspectives on the behavior of animals and how people should look at them. In other words, how us, humans should show more affection and empathy for the animals. I strongly agree with him on this topic because I really believe that animals actually have feelings. And although they have their risky sides they still need to interact and socialize with their surroundings. In more simple words, I believe that animals still need love no matter what they do or at least some affection.

As Jeremy Rifkin stated on the article “… many of our fellow creatures are more like us than we had ever imagined”, animals also experience many emotions that we do. They feel pain and suffering. They also experience other emotions like excitement, stress, love, and are very affectionate.

Some of the fast food purveyors such as McDonalds, KFC, and Burger King are sponsoring their part into animal research. These companies have financed research into the emotional, mental, and behavioral states of animals. McDonalds has funded studies on pigs’ social behavior. Researchers have found that pigs crave much attention and are easily depressed if they are isolated or denied their daily playtime with their fellow pigs. The lack of these stimuli may result in the deterioration of their health.

One of the human attributes that animals have is self-awareness. People have argued that some animals are not capable of self-awareness due to the fact that they lack a sense of individualism. But at the Washington national zoo, orangutans were given mirrors and they explored parts of their bodies that’s they could not see by themselves. This is a sign of self-awareness.

Something that is thought to distinguish animals from humans is the mourning of the dead. It is believed that some animals have no sense of mortality and they cannot comprehend the concept of their own death. But it appears that they do have a sense of grief. For example, elephants stay by other elephant’s deceased kin for a long time sometimes even days when they die.

So in some ways many animals can really connect to humans. But is it just a matter of time for us to realize that. As a matter of fact animals and humans may have much more in common. And all animals should be treated nicely and in a positive way. We should all treat animals equally.

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  1.   Mr. Poirier said,

    on August 28th, 2011 at 4:39 am     Reply

    This is well written most of the time, but it’s missing some of the standards. Most of it is summary of what Rifkin wrote without really analyzing it. That’s not wrong, it’s just not enough. I need you to be able to analyze the language (RD 3.3) and rhetoric (RD 2.1) as well as demonstrate that you have a total understanding of Rifkin’s editorial (WR 2.2). I also need you to both state your opinion and offer evidence to support your opinion (WR 2.3 and WR 1.3) as well as use rhetoric to convince me you’re right (WR 1.4). So, here are your grades for this so far.

    RD 2.1: No evidence
    RD 3.3: No evidence
    WR 1.3: C-
    WR 1.4: D
    WR 1.9: C (need to see your next draft to see how it improves)
    WR 2.2: C
    WR 2.3: C-
    ELC 1.1: B (the “correctness” of your writing)

    See me if you need more help. :)

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